It's really hard to choose when you love a mosh or to shoot? I have this dilemma on every show and usually when I'm so excited about a band, I fuck the camera and go to the pit. myspace

Well, it's hard to get more than 5-6 nice pics when you had been moshing instead of shooting. Whatever, I'm getting older and older and begin to prefer standing with cam in my hands and do what you can see on this site.

I bought my first cam nearly 3 years ago and one of my first sessions was a hardcore show. So I didn't have any expierence when I started (these pictures are on this site!). But hopefully I'm getting better and better. Whatever, hope you will enjoy!

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Bands, labels, fanzines...feel free to ask about hi-resolution of any of the photos. The fact is that there are only some of them here. Usually I have much more photos and hopefuly good enough, so just ask me about them and you will get them. If you would like to use it on covers, tshirts, promo posters etc. please write to me. There will be not any problems of that and we can make a deal.


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