2005.05.21 - Ruda sl - [PL] (21)
That was my first show ever with a camera in my hands.

I had bought the cam 2 weeks before the show,

so I was a completly novice.

I took some shoots and it wasn't as bad as I thought

and that is how it started ;)

picture 2005.05.21/DEAD_STOP/ds1.jpg

picture 2005.05.21/DEAD_STOP/ds2.jpg

picture 2005.05.21/DEAD_STOP/ds3.jpg

picture 2005.05.21/DEAD_STOP/ds4.jpg

picture 2005.05.21/DEAD_STOP/ds5.jpg

picture 2005.05.21/DEAD_STOP/ds6.jpg

picture 2005.05.21/DEAD_STOP/ds7.jpg

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Pressure Rising is one of the best polish bands ever.

That was their 2nd and last show. Thanks god I was there.

picture 2005.05.21/PRESSURE_RISING/pr1.jpg

picture 2005.05.21/PRESSURE_RISING/pr2.jpg

picture 2005.05.21/PRESSURE_RISING/pr3.jpg

picture 2005.05.21/PRESSURE_RISING/pr4.jpg

picture 2005.05.21/PRESSURE_RISING/pr5.jpg

picture 2005.05.21/PRESSURE_RISING/pr6.jpg

picture 2005.05.21/PRESSURE_RISING/pr7.jpg

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picture 2005.05.21/VIOLENT_MINDS/vm1.jpg

picture 2005.05.21/VIOLENT_MINDS/vm2.jpg

picture 2005.05.21/VIOLENT_MINDS/vm3.jpg

picture 2005.05.21/VIOLENT_MINDS/vm4.jpg

picture 2005.05.21/VIOLENT_MINDS/vm5.jpg

picture 2005.05.21/VIOLENT_MINDS/vm6.jpg

picture 2005.05.21/VIOLENT_MINDS/vm7.jpg

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