2007.07.17 - Praga - [CZ] (31)
108 [US] (31)
This show is another one of the best.

It was in a small venue which was in the fact an old flat.

The show was in a living room with a piano, bedside lamp and all that other stuff.

40-50 people crowded into a room and Rob Fish asked to close all the windows and doors.

Temperature raised quickly.

Rob asked Vic: "So what? Blood?" and they started as an armagedon. Whoah!

This day I will remember to the last!

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6459.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6467.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6479.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6486.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6490.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6497.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6503.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6518.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6525.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6529.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6535.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6538.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6544.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6545.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6558.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6564.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6579.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6606.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6613.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6615.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6616.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6620.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6629.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6636.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6637.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6648.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6649.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6652.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6663.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6666.jpg

picture 2007.07.17/108/img_6667.jpg

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