2008.08.16 - Mikolow - [PL] (11)
This show was in tiny garage of my friend. This kind of venue totally rocks! I LIKE!

picture 2008.08.16/MAINTAIN/01.jpg

picture 2008.08.16/MAINTAIN/02.jpg

picture 2008.08.16/MAINTAIN/03.jpg

picture 2008.08.16/MAINTAIN/04.jpg

picture 2008.08.16/MAINTAIN/05.jpg

picture 2008.08.16/MAINTAIN/06.jpg

picture 2008.08.16/MAINTAIN/07.jpg

picture 2008.08.16/MAINTAIN/08.jpg

picture 2008.08.16/MAINTAIN/09.jpg

picture 2008.08.16/MAINTAIN/10.jpg

picture 2008.08.16/MAINTAIN/11.jpg

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